7 Unannounced PSVR Ports We’re Still Waiting On In 2019

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January 14, 2019
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January 14, 2019
7 Unannounced PSVR Ports We’re Still Waiting On In 2019

With over three million headsets sold, Sony’s PSVR is thought to be the most successful major VR headset on the market today. Despite this, many developers prefer to bring their VR games to Oculus Rift and HTC Vive first. It’s easy to see why; Rift and Vive’s more advanced tracking and the processing power of a PC allow them to develop for the top and then scale down.

But the urgency to get games onto PSVR is increasing. Over the past few years we’ve seen ports of PC VR staples like Arizona Sunshine, Beat Saber, Superhot VR and more. Despite this, there are a few key PC VR games we’re still hoping will come to PSVR. Here’s six unannounced PSVR ports we’re still waiting on in 2019.

Gorn (Read Our Impressions)

This is probably the most glaring entry on the list. Gorn may still be in Early Access on PC but the game is such a hit that we’re surprised it’s not come to PSVR yet. It’s an over-the-top gladiator battler with insane levels of violence. You can tears heads off, slice off arms or crush skulls with a wide variety of weapons. It’s ridiculously good fun and could fill a bloody hole in PSVR’s content library.

Onward (Read Our Impressions)

Another incredibly popular PC VR game that should have been on PSVR by now. Onward offers military simulation-level VR shooting with friends. Again, it’s been in Early Access for years, but consistent updates have made it one of the most robust and playable games in VR. Developer Downpour Interactive is a small studio and we don’t doubt it’s got its hands full with new updates. But the team should seriously consider getting one of VR’s most popular shooters onto one of VR’s most popular platforms.

Serious Sam VR/The Talos Principle VR (Read Our Review)

We’ll cheat a little here. Croteam remains one of VR’s most committed developers thanks to the expertly-crafted ports of its most beloved games. With the entire Serious Sam series now available to play in VR and all of The Talos Principle supporting headsets, it’s way past time we got these games on PSVR. All of them offer full games worth of content that we’d gladly lose hours in all over again. The team’s busy with Serious Sam 4, but we’ve got our fingers crossed they’re also porting these on the side.

The Gallery (Read Our Review)

Cloudhead Games’ remarkable adventure series has been PC-exclusive for far too long. This is one of VR’s most fantastical experiences, full of wonder that PSVR players are being deprived off right now. The pacing and mechanics are well within the headset’s reach, though we suspect Cloudhead is more concerned with getting its third episode finished at this point. With luck, we’ll see a full PSVR port of the first three installments once the third episode is out. Who knows when that will arrive, though.

L.A. Noire: The VR Case Files (Read Our Review)

Rockstar Games did an amazing job of porting one of its most divisive games to VR in 2017. L.A. Noire: The VR Case Files was an expertly curated snapshot of the wider game in VR. Not only did it capture the spirit of the game’s detective work in immersive ways but the realistic facial scans applied to NPCs took on a whole new life in VR.

Fallout 4 VR (Read Our Review)

Let’s end with a bit of false hope, shall we? If Fallout 4 VR was ever going to come to PSVR, it probably would have happened by now. But the truth of it is Bethesda’s massive open world is probably just too much to squeeze onto Sony’s headset without some drastic changes. Still, we’ll keep dreaming, even if no one else will.

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