Disney Accelerator Funds The VOID and Epic Games

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On 11th of July 2017, the Void reported on its website that they are on the list of Disney Accelerator program. Within the program, Disney provides financial aid and other support to the selected businesses. The Void reported on its website that they are honored to be on the list and have the chance to partner with experts who share their vision.

Another big company in the Disney’s list is Epic Games which is a well-known video game producing company. Disney provides financial aid to 11 innovative firms and gives them the opportunity to work with Disney investors, professionals and entrepreneurs.


Disney does not reveal the amount of money they invest in participant firms and also each of the 11 firms preserves the rights of their projects build within Disney Accelerator.

Epic Games which has created Unreal Engine, already has experience in producing VR games. The gaming studio has produced Robo Recall which is available at Oculus Store for $30. Several companies, which previously got funding from Disney, launched such successful projects like Ultimate Lightning McQueen or BB-8 app-enabled “Star Wars” droid toy and AI-powered chatbots created by Imperson.

Michael Abrams, who is the VP of Disney, reported in his speech that with the Disney Accelerator many talented people from all over the world have a chance to work together.

The Void creates location-based VR gaming experiences. They are well known with their Ghostbusters: Dimension in New York, The Rec room which can be played in Canada, the Beach in Dubai and Salt Lake City located in Utah.

The founder of the Void said they are thrilled that the Disney has noticed their hard work and they are happy to work with innovators of Disney. He added that their team has many things to learn from Disney, a studio which passes the limit of time and space.

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