Metaverse Keeper is a fun Dungeon Crawler that will keep you coming back for more

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February 11, 2019
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Sammy J from Gaming Daze writes: I stumbled across Metaverse Keeper in the hope to experience something unique and I was not disappointed. While there may be many more games in its genre, Metaverse Keeper has enough of its own feel and creativity to keep you coming back for more. Even experienced gamers like myself will find a challenging experience that will give you the drive of re-attempting a failed mission just one more go which will turn into about ten more gos. Its a game that brings its own style and flavour which help it to stand out in a crowded yet thriving Indie scene without being held back by other games in the same genre. I recently played the Metaverse Keeper Demo for the first time and can tell you it is as fun as it is frustrating in a sense that it makes you want to be better at the game. After you witness how bad I am at the game on my first playthrough, you will understand the level of frustration I am referring to and will hopefully want to try the demo ou…

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