Oculus Rift’s Exclusive Spy Thriller ‘Defector’ Is Releasing This Summer

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Oculus Rift’s Exclusive Spy Thriller ‘Defector’ Is Releasing This Summer

Oculus Rift spy thriller exclusive Defector now has a release window. It is launching this summer, meaning we should see it arrive in the next 2-4 months.

Defector is an action packed spy game that turns you into a spy like Jason Bourne (or James Bond, if you prefer). Originally announced for 2018, the game was delayed to this year. Now we finally know roughly when it will arrive.

The game takes place across a variety of locations as you’d expect in a spy adventure. The gameplay is generally linear, but gives you a series of choices throughout. For example, while in an intense gunfight on a plane you have the option to either parachute out and land on another plane, or drive a sports car out the back. As you can tell, the tone here is one of over the top fun.

We’ve gone hands on with this game a few times now, in early 2018 and then again at Oculus Connect 5. Both times we tried it we were highly impressed, concluding that there’s “nothing quite like it in VR right now.”

Twisted Pixel previously developed Wilson’s Heart, an incredible VR black & white mystery thriller reminiscent of The Twilight Zone. We gave Wilson’s Heart 9/10 in our review, calling it “a must-play game that elevates narrative, visuals, sound, and gameplay for VR experiences to an entirely new level.”

Nothing has been said of whether the game will eventually come to the Oculus Quest standalone headset. At Oculus Connect 5 Twisted Pixel were listed as working on a Quest title or port, but the apparent scale and graphical fidelity of Defector might make it unlikely this title comes to Quest. Standalone headsets are significantly less powerful than a gaming PC.

Defector is slated to last around 8 hours, the same length as Wilson’s Heart. As with all Rift games, it’ll work on both the original Rift and the new Rift S. If you have a different PC VR headset you might be able to play it using the Revive hack.

We’ll bring you a full review of Defector when it comes out this summer.

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