Watch Some Blistering Fast Gameplay in VR Racing Game Sprint Vector

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Watch Some Blistering Fast Gameplay in VR Racing Game Sprint Vector

Sprint Vector is a quirky little thing. We’ve all played racing games before, but never anything like this. Usually in a racing game like Mario Kart or even Project Cars, you’ll sit behind the wheel of a vehicle and use it to boost around race tracks. In the case of Sprint Vector you don’t have a vehicle — you only have your legs and arms.

By swinging your arms at your sides as fast as possible you simulate the thrill of sprinting around the levels. Pushing off the ground sends you flying into the air and holding your hands out in front of you lets you glide around like a superhero. Watching someone play Sprint Vector might be hilarious, but playing it for yourself is downright exhilarating.

You can watch me making a fool of myself (but winning) in the video above while one of the game’s developers talks about it. Sprint Vector is still in development by Survios, the same team behind Raw Data, so we will have to wait and see how the finished product fairs, but we’re certainly anxious to find out just how much content the developers were able to cram into a seemingly simple concept.

For more details you can read our latest hands-on right here. Let us know what you think of Sprint Vector down in the comments below!

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